Thank You for Being a Part of the Waygo Journey!

As we are entering the final stretch at 500 Startups, we are becoming especially reflective. As when all unique periods of life draw to an end, one tends to become increasingly aware of every moment, proactively ceasing each and every opportunity. We have learned more about our fellow companies in Batch 5 during the last 3 weeks, than we have over the last 3 months. As a group last Friday, we celebrated our many strides–as well as setbacks–over a dinner at a brewery in Mountain View and a night out on the town. As the big Chinese culture lovers that we are, we were especially excited about the event chosen for after dinner, karaoke!


Watch our Wideo to find out why Ryan created Waygo!

In the spirit of celebrating the amazing companies that make up 500 Startups, we created an animated video called a Wideo. You can watch our Wideo here to see why Ryan felt inspired to create Waygo while living in China two years ago. Navigating life in China without the ability to read Chinese proves to be a very real problem, and Ryan wanted to solve it. We thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Wideo first-hand and absolutely recommend creating one if you are in need of visualizing an idea! Not only is it fun, but it forces you use your imagination and to keep things simple. Too often we add too many features that distract viewers from the main point.

How appropriate that this period of change and thanksgiving coincides with the Chinese New Year. Over the last year, Waygo experienced some amazing milestones, and we cannot ignore the fact that it all happened during the Year of the Dragon, synonymous with good fortune. Some of our highlights:

-Creation and strengthening of a talented team
-Invitation to join 500 startups
-Winner of appAttack contest
-Name change from Waigo to Waygo
-Featured in Tech in Asia
-And last but not least, an exciting day with our launching of a brand new video and a feature in TechCrunch!

And what could be more appropriate than for the impending year to be the Year of the Snake? During the year of the snake, your family is not to go hungry. That’s exactly what Waygo does–it gives one the means to order food, and will soon enable one to engage in other activities, like shopping and traveling.

We will forever attribute a strong pillar to Waygo’s succes to 500 Startups. From the lessons learned and people met along the journey, we would without a doubt be in a much different place without 500. Thank you and 谢谢 for being a part of the journey!


Cheers to an ending of an era, but the beginning of a lifetime as a 500 Startups family member,

The Waygo Team