The Friday Funnies

Bad translations can prove extremely detrimental to communication. They can also be extremely entertaining. This week’s BuzzFeed article on 22 Chinese Signs That Got Seriously Lost In Translation inspired today’s post (note: some of the article’s translations are not intended for children audiences.) Waygo has had its fair share of mistranslations, and sometimes they produce some serious LOLs.

10 Waygo translations that were Seriously Lost In Translation:

1. Aged Godmother Squash
Our most famous funny translation was covered by The Beijinger back in January when we were still known as Waigo. You can read our response to the article here, as well as learn how to make your very own Aged Godmother Squash for dinner.

Aged Godmother Squash

2. Balls Hot Marinade
Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

balls hot marinade chinese translation

3. To Entice Adam
Warning to all Adams: don’t eat unless you would like to be enticed.

chinese menu funny translation

4. Woman with Very Large Breasts Milk
Not the typical milk tea flavor…and for only 30元!

funny chinese milk tea menu translation

5. Salted Sweet Sweet Door
If you like the salted sweet door, the sweet sweet door will blow your mind.

funny chinese mistranslation

6. Strength Beef Egg
I big man. Need power now.

strength beef egg waygo translation

7. Wheat Whirlwind Orea Cookies a Person’s Preferences 
Perhaps American McDonald’s didn’t have enough space on the menu and had to settle on the simple “McFlurry?”

orea mcflurry chinese translation

8. To Produce Curriculum Vitae Fresh Eggs
A Curriculum vitae (A.K.A. a CV, A.K.A. a résumé) delivered with fresh eggs will surely land you the job!


9. Darling Meat
Too cute to eat?

darling meat

10. Daoist Immortal Rice
Immortality for just 10元. The best bargain in the world.
funny chinese menu translation



Waygo seriously <3s funny translations, so make sure to send them our way! (They’ll also help us make Waygo translations more accurate, although maybe slightly less funny… :( )

Happy Friday!!!