What’s Up With Waygo?

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With so much going on with Waygo recently, we thought it a good idea for a news update.


1. First off, Echelon 2013. Waygo language processors Huan-yu and Jimmy represented Waygo at this annual 2-day conference held in Singapore, coined “Asia’s Largest Tech Conference.” Not only did they represent, but they won the Most Promising Start Up award. Yahoo! Ten start-ups from around Asia, ranging from a dating app to a health portal, pitched to win the title. Jimmy had won Waygo the spot to pitch at Echelon 2013 after winning at the Taiwan Echelon Satellite back in April.


Check out what TechCrunch and The Next Web had to say about Waygo’s work at Echelon 2013. Jimmy also had the chance to be a Singaporean news star.


Jimmy on Channel NewsAsia

2. To celebrate update #1, Waygo Globetrotter package is on sale for $4.99. Waygo said what?! Yes, that’s right. $4.99 will get you unlimited Chinese to English translations for life.


Purchase unlimited Chinese to English translations for just $4.99!

3. We can’t just expect people to pay (even just $4.99), without an awesome experience. Thus, our top priority is translation quality. We are still brainstorming new features and looking to implement new languages soon, but first, we want Waygo translations to be as reliable and accurate as possible. Back in April, Waygo’s translation capabilities expanded with version 2.0 from just food-related translations to more general signage. As Waygo translation capabilities expand, we don’t want quality to suffer.

How will Waygo achieve this goal? We have been focusing on user feedback. We gained awesome feedback from Echelon attendees. In addition, Waygo team member Ananth, based in Shanghai, has also been interacting with potential Waygo users in China to understand what they don’t like about the app and what they’d like to see added to the app. He even hosted a dinner at a dumpling restaurant with a group of 5 ex-pats to discuss the app and experience Waygo in the wild in a real-life situation. Fun fact: did you know it costs $23 USD to feed 6 adults in China?!

image 2

Waygo translates dumpling menu.

Ananth and Waygo user testers.

Ananth and Waygo user testers.









4. Funniest Waygo translation contest is still going on. Here are some of our favorite submission so far.

funny translation

funny waygo translation









Keep ‘em coming! Remember $25 is on the line, which if you read update #3, could buy you and 5 friends a delicious dinner (in China, that is!)


Thank you for being a part of our action-packed journey so far. As always, we’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned for Waygo 2.3, made possible by Waygo users like you!